Effortless Bookkeeping for Your Business

Running a business comes with its financial challenges. That’s where FiscalChimp steps in. Our bookkeeping services are designed to take the burden of financial management off your shoulders. We handle transaction management, account reconciliation, and financial statement preparation with precision and care. Our goal is to let you focus on growing your business while we manage the financial details.

Your Personal Bookkeeping Team

At FiscalChimp, we believe in a personalized approach.

Our bookkeeping services include:

Primary Dedicated Bookkeeper:

Your main contact for all your bookkeeping needs, offering insights and answers when you need them.

Backup Bookkeeper:

A reliable support system, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted service for your business.

Comprehensive Bookkeeping Services

Our services are designed to streamline your financial operations, offering you timely and accurate information for smart business decisions.


Adaptable Transaction Entry:

We work with your preferred accounting method, ensuring all transactions are recorded accurately, whether monthly, weekly, or more frequently.


Monthly Reconciliations:

Our meticulous approach guarantees the accuracy of your financial records, with regular reconciliations of bank, credit card, and loan accounts.


Electronic Transaction Management:

We efficiently handle electronic transactions in QuickBooks, ensuring everything is reconciled and matched correctly.


Monthly Financial Reports:

We provide essential financial statements every month, including balance sheets, profit & loss statements, and cash flow statements, giving you a clear view of your financial health.

Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Filing

FiscalChimp simplifies sales and use tax filing, using your sales reports and accounting records to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Our service covers every step, from paperwork preparation to payment, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.


Timely Filing Assurance:

We ensure all filings are done well before deadlines.


Flexible Fee Structure:

Our fees adapt to changes in your filing needs and obligations.

Advanced Receipt Tracking with Dext

Leverage the power of Dext for organized and automated receipt management. Our integration with this sophisticated software simplifies categorizing and matching expenses, enhancing your financial workflow.

Customized Bookkeeping Solutions

Choose the level of service that fits your business perfectly. At FiscalChimp, we’re ready to tailor our bookkeeping services to meet your specific needs.