Worry-Free Tax Compliance with Tax Preparation Services

With FiscalChimp Tax Preparation services, navigating tax compliance is a breeze. Our expert team ensures your business and individual tax filings are accurate, timely, and hassle-free.

Streamlined Business Tax Preparation

Running a small business involves wearing many hats. If bookkeeping is weighing you down, FiscalChimp is here to lighten the load. We not only prepare your bookkeeping for the year and the necessary tax forms, but we also help you establish an easy system to keep your books in excellent shape for the next year.

Here’s what our Business Tax Prep includes:

Expert Tax Filing:

State and federal tax preparation and filing done meticulously.

Sales Tax Compliance:

Ensuring adherence to local and state regulations.

Minimized Tax Liabilities:

Focusing on reducing your tax burden.

Detailed Financial Statements:

Providing clear profit and loss insights.

Support for Mergers & Acquisitions:

Expert assistance during critical business changes.

Individual Tax Preparation Made Easy

With complex tax laws, filing even a basic return can be daunting. FiscalChimp offers expert individual tax preparation services, streamlining the process with detailed guidance and minimizing fees.

Our Individual Tax Prep difference:


Thorough Checks:

Our experts and software meticulously review your return for accuracy and to minimize IRS inquiries.


Efficient E-Filing:

Quick refunds and easy electronic payment options.


Payroll Withholding Advice:

Optimize your returns and avoid giving the IRS an interest-free loan.

Key Considerations:


Transparent Fees:

We estimate fees based on your previous year’s return and communicate any significant changes promptly.


Extension Filing:

We offer no-charge extension filing, but request all information by June 30th to avoid additional fees.


Government Examination Support:

We are ready to represent you, with extra fees for time and expenses as needed.

Master Year-End Tax Prep for Businesses

Simplify your year-end tax prep with FiscalChimp. We specialize in tailoring business tax returns to your unique needs, ensuring accuracy and full compliance.

For Corporations, S-Corporations, & Partnerships (1120, 1120S, 1065), we provide:


Accurate Tax Returns:

For federal and state filings.


Document Retention Guidance:

To maintain essential records.


Audit Support:

Representation in case of government examinations.


For Sole Proprietors (Schedule-C), we focus on:


Custom Tax Solutions:

Tailored for Schedule C businesses.


Expert Support:

Guidance and representation during audits.

Simplify Your Tax Season with FiscalChimp

Whether it’s for your business or personal taxes, contact FiscalChimp today for a smooth and worry-free tax filing experience.